Water will destroy a home and devastate a homeowner. Even the newest and most beautiful home is vulnerable to the destructive power of flooding and basic plumbing mishaps.

Thus, you may think a general contractor who builds homes from bottom to top will work best to fix your water damage. After all, they understand all the inner workings of a house and have the right subcontractors for the job. 

A restoration specialist will remedy water damage better than a general contractor. The restoration expert comes in with the eagle eye that can see the potential long-term damage. Even more important, they know how to fix the problem. 

Have you experienced home flooding and water disasters? Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of why you should hire a water damage expert vs. a general contractor. 

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Water Restoration Specialist vs. Contractor

What does a general contractor do compared to a water restoration specialist? 

A general contractor specializes in new construction as well as remodeling. They will care for the project from beginning to end, hiring subcontractors or doing the work themselves. They have all the knowledge needed for general building projects. 

A restoration contractor, conversely, specializes in restoration instead of new building projects. They understand how to salvage property and restore it. They also know best when to demolish and reconstruct areas. 

Restoration contractors also understand how to work with insurance. They typically know what damages insurance will cover. 

Thus, when you’ve had water damage, it makes sense to call a restoration expert instead of a general contractor. The restoration expert knows how to restore the damaged property and works with insurance companies. They can restore the property and ease the burden of the insurance claim process all at the same time. 

It’s important to note that you cannot expect the property to look exactly like it did before the water damage. Good restoration experts will give your honest answers. They explain how the property will look and function after they’ve completed the restoration. 

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Pursue Water Removal Training Expertise

A restoration expert has training and experience in removing water and repairing the damage. Here are a few of the specific tasks the technician will complete. 

Assess Equipment Damage

Restoration experts inspect the equipment damaged by water. They then lower moisture levels quickly to restore equipment to its original state. 

Focus on Restoration

Restoration experts hone in on removing water quickly, safely, and efficiently. They thus prevent long-term damage. Contractors, on the other hand, rebuild and do not focus as much on the core problem. 

Clean Up

Water damage creates conditions ripe for mold and bacteria growth. Experts use a variety of clean-up products to make the environment safe for building residents. They have the safe tools to restore the environment and make it breathable once again. 

Mold Remediation

Stagnant water can quickly cause mold problems. When you bring in a restoration expert, they will inspect your home carefully for mold problems caused by the water.

They deal with mold regularly. Thus they know how to spot it, remove it, and prevent it. 

Restoration experts make these tasks their business. While general contractors can build houses and buildings efficiently, they do not have these specific skills. 

Avoid Secondary Damage 

General contractors who do not understand water damage can cause further problems. Secondary damage caused by a contractor is not necessarily covered by insurance. 

Furthermore, general contractors do not typically deal with insurance providers. Restoration experts often have previously established relationships with insurance providers. They also can typically estimate which damages insurance will cover. 

Additionally, restoration experts know how to repair property damaged by water. Contractors focus primarily on new builds and thus can cause secondary damage. 

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Seek Adequate Inspection

If you’ve had water damage to your roof, you logically may think a roof repair company will fix the issue. Unfortunately, roof repair companies do not fit the bill as well as a restoration expert when your roof damage comes from water. 

When a roof inspector comes to your home, they will look for leaks, damage caused by debris, and unusual wear and tear. They typically conduct a structural inspection by looking for an uneven roof plane or sagging roof. They’ll inspect your fascia, soffit, and gutters as well as your chimney. 

This all takes place outside your home. A roof repair company rarely crosses the threshold of your home. They conduct their inspections externally. 

Restoration experts, conversely, look all over. They know exactly where to look for a thorough inspection. They look both at the inside and outside of your home for trouble areas. 

If you’ve had shingle damage because of a wayward branch of windstorm, then a roofing expert makes sense. But if you’ve had significant water damage because of mother nature or a leaky roof, then a restoration expert makes the best sense. Not only will they be able to spot the damage, but they’ll know best how to fix it. 

Call a Water Damage Restoration Expert Today!

If you’ve had water damage, especially to a newer home, you may feel the pull to call your general contractor. After all, you know them because they built your home. But truthfully, a water damage restoration expert will do a much better job than a general contractor. 

A restoration specialist has the experience to inspect your home thoroughly. They avoid secondary damage and remove water safely. They can also prevent secondary problems like mold issues and environmental hazards.

Have you had recent water damage? If so, call us. Our restoration experts have over 25 years of experience in the water restoration industry. We can manage your restoration project from start to finish. 

We focus on making our customers feel safe and comfortable in their own homes. Best of all, we have 24/7/365 emergency support, so you can call us at any time for assistance. We make filing insurance claims simple with a step-by-step process as well. 

Contact us today, and let us restore your property.