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1d Remedy offers both emergency roof (Roof Tarping) and non-emergency roof repair services to both commercial and residential properties.

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, doing roof repairs and restorations come as a second nature to help you don’t worry in any of the steps of recovery of roof damage.

Tree that has fallen on a house during a severe storm
Tree that has fallen on a house during a severe storm

Protect your Roof and your Home

When a natural disaster happens, damages to the structure of your home or business is a given. Windows, attic, risk of floods and if it comes with heavy raining or flail phenomenons chances are that roof suffers massive damage from those.

Addressing roof reparations often comes with obstacles like time, hazardous conditions and costly replacements. That’s why acting quick it’s crucial because how roof  damages can cause leaks that lead to structural and furnish damages that  will go to the hundreds or thousands worth of damage to your most precious belongings. 

When a emergency happens you need to trust a company that will deliver a quick and well made job. 1d Remedy local business, has helped over 25 years the people from Pennsylvania in their home roof or business reparations. From start to finish, reparations and restoration to it previous aesthethics.

the roof of a home with tarp covering damaged areas from storm

Why consider Emergency Roof Tarping? 

When an storm or hail occurs, your roof can be left exposed to roof leaks, water damage or mold. Keeping your home protected from rough weather conditions, leak dangers and animal intrusion its gonna help prevent.further damage to your damaged areas while waiting for proper repairs. 

Roof Repair and  Restoration Experts for your Home

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry we understand importance of roofing installation from scratch and ways to navigate repairments according every unique case. 

Not all home structures are the same and thats the same case with roof repairment. Each case has unique needs. Elements like mold and moisture, roof structural damage, damage clogger, all come in hand when planning a repairment. 

In many case, general construction is needed to restore back the property to the previous condition. 

Our team of roofing restoration experts have experience with shingles, slate, tile, residential flat and metal roofing options. We accomodate to your needs. 

  • Customer Centric
    • Water damage can lead to unknowns. Our restoration experts clear the fog to make you feel comfortable and safe in your own home.
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Support
    • Available when you need us most. Contact us anytime at (717) 256-3891 for assistance.
  • Easy Insurance Claims Process
    • Filing insurance claims for residential water damage is no sweat with our step-by-step process.

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24/7 Emergency Roof Tarping

After an storm strikes or a tree falls on your roof there are many repairs to be done that sometimes its too much to be take care of quickly or way too costy.  

Just after an storm strikes, an hail or just a tree fall we at 1d Remedy provide you with quick Emergency Roof Tarping to prevent further damage to your roof and property. Our team of experts will give you an estimate, assess your roof condition and proceed to give you the best solution for your roof situation. 

We only work with quality. Our Local pennsylvania team of roofing experts will make sure there aren’t any leaks so you protect best your home for storms, animals, and unwanted visitors. 

Pennsylvania Based Roof Repair Experts

When looking for roof repair contractors going with local contractors is gonna secure reliability if any situation arises after repairments and for faster turn around times when an emergency happens. 

Unlike  restoration services franchises we give you honest estimates and work following all Pennsylvania inquiries and documentation processes. We help you with insurance claims after storm or hail damages to your home, guiding you throughout all the process.

We proudly serve. Our team follows all Pennsylvania Regulations, and we work closely with your insurance claims to help you navigate repairments when an natural disaster strikes your home. 

1d Remedy Step-by-step Roof Repair Process

1. Roof Inspection

Our team of professionals starts with roof inspection. This initial look is when roof repair professionals assess which repairs are needed for the project. Although this process is repeated throughout the repair project’s duration.

The second and third inspection takes place when repairments (in some case installations) are going through. We check carefully each corner to ensure clean installations to prevent leaks or any sort of issues related with bad placements.

2. Protection of surrounding areas 

Mess caused by the roof damage repair process cause inconvenience and potentially damage your property. 1d Remedy of experts covers surrounding areas to prevent further damage and ensure safety of home owners. 

In this step we provide clients (in case its needed) with a roof tarp to protect  exposed damaged areas for strong winds, hail, rain to prevent leaks and keep at bay unwanted visitor. 

We arrive with our dumpster to ensure all waste does not accumulate on your place.

workers remove old asphalt roof shingles with roofing removal tool from suburban home for replacement of new roof tiles.
Workers remove old asphalt roof shingles with roofing removal tool from suburban home for replacement of new roof tiles.

3. Removal of Old Roofing Material

This process will depend entirely on your roof specific situation. If we encounter minor repairs that involve laying switching few shingles after an heavy storm to prevent leaks, then this process takes only hours.

In cases of extensive damage, 1d Remedy experts will replace some roof sections with new ones. Extremely damaged and unrecoverable roof asks for a fresh base. Our team will also check if structural damage on your roof decking is safe, before laying roof materials.

4.Prep Installation for Repair and New Materials 

1d Remedy’s roof experts looks any missed wood rot, missing nails or possible issues with roof decking before prepping and begin installation. 

5. Installation/ Repair

How the process of this step look will depend entirely on the scope of project. Restoration and installation of new roof can take more time especially if rough weather conditions are met. 

What will follow through is the arriving of experts and equipment to do the process and give you guidance throughout all of our steps so you rest assure your roof will be good as soon as possible. 

6. Final inspection and Roof cleanup

After installing new roofing materials, the last step in the roof repair process is cleaning up the site and a final roof check. This step ensures that all components have been installed correctly and give optimum performance.

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Roof Repair FAQS

Can I repair my roof or should I replace it?

A: It will depend on your roof condition. If shows aging of years may be the time to look for a replacement. If its only damages on tiles, a reparation its going to do the work. 

How much does a roof repair cost?

Again, that depends on the type of roof – pitch, shingles, and the problems that need attending too. Get quotes from several reputable roofers for more information.

Do you offer emergency service roof repairs?

1d Remedy is available 24/7 for your emergency whether it be the aftermath of an heavy storm or an broke tube in the WC that’s causing a flood situation.  

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