What to Do When It Floods

When a flooding emergency strikes, your first concern should always be your and your family’s safety. Flood water is not healthy to interact with. Plus, if you have an electrical short, it can be very hazardous to enter the water. Turn off your main breaker and other electrical items.

If you are unable to safely get to or access the breaker, that’s alright. Be sure to let us know on the phone when you call us at 717-256-3891 so our water damage restoration experts know what to expect when they arrive. Once you are safe, make sure to call us right away. Our emergency response team can come and save your home from water damage at any time- day or night.

Overall, you don’t know what is contaminating the water. You should always do your best to stay out of it! Help young kids, elderly persons, and pets stay away from flood waters too.

Continue reading more about how 1d Remedy’s flood damage restoration experts can help you in an emergency!

Water damage in basement caused by sewer backflow due to clogged sanitary drain
Water damage in basement caused by sewer backflow due to clogged sanitary drain

1.) Find the Source of Flood Water

When flooding occurs, you’ll want to locate the source of the flood. Often in beach towns, there is simply an excessive amount of moisture in the water and air. When it storms, the water will flow into your home. However, you may also be dealing with a broken pipe or faucet.

Switch off the main water supply. If the cause is coming from outside the home, you may be able to block it. You will want to wait for us to arrive if you can’t determine where the water is coming from. We will do it for you.

Again, safety is important. You will want to find the source if possible, but if doing so involves anything risky, leave it to us. Our team always arrives promptly and works efficiently. You can trust Advanced Restoration Solutions to take care of everything for you.

2.) Document the Damages for Insurance

If you are experiencing flooding, start recording the damages. You can take videos and pictures of what impact the water is having. We recommend that you do this for all of your insurance claims. Without documentation, insurance companies can be very difficult to deal with.

Check the damaged area for warping floors, walls, ceilings, or other damages, and take a quick picture on your phone. We recommend that you back these images and videos up later on your computer or another device – they will absolutely be referred to during the insurance claim process.

When you call your insurance provider, you will feel much more prepared if you have all the damages documented. We can assist you through the process.

3.) Protect & Move Valuables

If you expect a flood and have the time, you will want to move your furniture and other valuables away from the ground. Keeping your possession up high and away from water can help prevent some of the damage.

When you know a flood is about to happen, you should also take your family and seek safety. Flood water can be very dangerous and may make you sick. It is best to avoid it at all costs. Finally, make sure you turn off your water, electricity, and gas systems before you leave your home.

Turning off these systems will help to reduce the amount of electricity or gas that mixes with the flood water, making it slightly safer to clean up.

If you can not do any of this before you leave, that’s alright. Our team will handle everything for you as soon as we arrive. More often than not, floods are sudden and strike without warning. We can help to save your valuables while you stay somewhere safe.

4.) Don’t Clean Flood Damage on Your Own!

Many people love handling DIY home projects on their own. However, flood damage is not something you want to deal with. You may feel tempted to do the clean up process on your own- just know that this would be very dangerous.

Call our emergency team at 717-256-3891 as soon as the flooding starts! That way, we can arrive quickly and prevent more damage from being done to your home. Our team has all of the proper protection equipment and training to help them deal with flooding situations safely.

Flood water is dangerous. It can carry unseen electrical currents and infection causing bacteria. Please leave the flood water removal and clean up for us!

Water mitigation pumps and dryers to suck the water out of a flooded hardwood floor
Water mitigation pumps and dryers to suck the water out of a flooded hardwood floor

1d Remedy’s Flood Damage Restoration Processes

As soon as we arrive, we will begin restoring your home from all seen and unseen water damage issues. Our professionals will start by pumping out the water, then assessing and recording the damages. Next, we safely remove and dispose of any contaminated items.

We will clean the building and completely sanitize it before we bring you back. This part of the process involves removing biological contaminants in the flood water, so you will not want to be in the area. Then, we check for structural damages.

Finally, we completely dry out the building. This step is crucial, so that no mold takes root in the moisture of your home.

Getting Back to Normal

After a strong flood, it can take months to get your home back to how it was. We have repaired many flood-damaged homes and know we can provide you with a high-quality service.

After the flood, make sure you have your electrical, plumbing, and gas systems checked before you use them. Water could have severely damaged your home systems, making them dangerous to use.

Preparing for a Flood

It’s better to be prepared for a flood than caught off guard. Unfortunately, sometimes being reactive is the only thing you can do with an emergency strikes.

 Call 1dRemedy today at 717-256-3891, and store our information to your phone now, so you’ll be prepared for anything that happens to your home next.

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